Our Home.  Our Future.

Working hard for you with proven results.  Building a stronger Markham together.


Outstanding Leadership.  Community Advocate.  Proven Results.



  • As Vice-Chair of Markham's Budget Commitee responsible for Markham's $450 million
    operating budget. We balanced our budget each year and grew Markham's surplus. 
    Markham has the 2nd lowest tax rates in the GTA.


  • Your voices were heard!  I championed to pilot the Centreline Flexible Sign Program with 8 shcools and now have expanded to 24 schools across Markham.  It is proven to be an effective tool to reduce speed when vehicle approach shcool zone area keeping our kids safer.


  • I have promted the design and delivery of 13 new community parks in Ward 6 - including over 7 acres of parkland at Angus Glen Community Centre, and budget is approved for washroom and pavillion at Wismer Park with more parks planned for families to enjoy a higher quality of living.


  • Amanda advocates strongly to ensure well balanced development between residential homes and commercial development while preserving green space and environmental conscience.  Support for local businesses, farmers and residents is vital for sustainable growth and economic development across Markham and Ward 6.

Amanda is an experienced Markham City Councillor.  Amanda also has over 20 years of business experience at IBM and as an award winning, Markham, business owner.  With her ethnic background, Amanda Yeung Collucci has the ability to bridge between members of our diverse community and she has a long history of serving her Markham community.  Amanda has proven business leadership skills along with a high energy level and positive attitude to get things done.




"Your issues are my issues"

Ward 6 has been my family's home for more than 17 years and I care deeply for my community.  I have been helping residents solve issues and have always provided a strong voice for Ward 6.  I am an action oriented person focused on delivering results for my residents.  I am committed to working hard on your behalf.  Together, we can make Markham a great place to live, work and play."  - Amanda Yeung Collucci.


 1. Infrastructure:

Improve infrastructure, including transportation & transit.

Markham is one of the fastest growing cities in Ontario.  We need to ensure that our Ward 6 infrastructure meets the demands of today and keeps pace with future growth while being fiscally responsible with our tax dollars.

2. Economic Development

Attracting economic development and job creation is important to support families in our neighborhood while applying a balanced approach to preserve green space and environmental conscience.  Together, we can make Markham and Ward 6 a great place to live, work and play.

3. Building Strong Community

Celebrate diversity in Markham. We need to continue developing cultural resources to support parks, recreation, libraries, community centres and to improve municipal services to support our healthy and strong community.